Koss Earbud Headphones
Only $18.99
On SALE for only $16.99
Earbud headphones with powerful bass
ipod armband
Only $19.99
Great for biking, jogging, running or working out!
TuneDok iPod Car Holder
Only $29.99
On SALE for only $19.99
TuneDok iPod Car Holder
Ear jams - Snap on ear bud headphone enhancers
Only $18.99
Raises your earbud volume by up to 10 decibel
Waistband Carry Case
Only $19.99
Great for bike riding, jogging, running or working out!
exo3 skin for iPod Photo
Only $17.50
On SALE for only $12.95
Made Specifically for iPod Photo 40GB and 60GB
iSkin Shades 5-Color Screen Protector Pack
Only $14.99
For use with the iskin eXo2, eVo, eVo2
DLO Transpod All-In-One Car Solution
Only $99.99
On SALE for only $89.99
FM Transmitter, Car Charger and Mount
Mobile Power Cord, 3G/4G iPods
Only $19.99
Also powers your Belkin Tunecast II fm transmitter
6ft 3.5mm to RCA Cable
Only $7.99
Connect your iPod to your stereo with your dock!
naviPod, 3G/4G dockable iPod
Only $49.95
On SALE for only $39.95
naviPod, 3G iPod
Sennheiser Hi-Fi Headphones
Only $34.95

SportWrap iPod Armband
Only $29.95
On SALE for only $28.95
See through cover to access controls!
XtremeMac ipod Mini Armband with clear window
Only $29.95
On SALE for only $28.95
Perfect for active sports and workouts!
iPod Stereo Link Cable-by NYKO
Only $24.99
High quality sound to your stereo
Mini MetroVue GirlPak
Only $39.95
3-pack fashion statement for the iPod mini
ipod Cigarette Lighter Firewire charger
Only $19.99

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ipodoutfitter.com offers a wide variety of cases for the newest G4 ipod as well as the older ipod models like the G3 ipod, the ipod mini and the Original G1 and G2 with firewire ports, all at competitive prices. You can easily find what you want by browsing by your ipod model to the left "search by ipod model" section under the navigation bar. Or, type in a keyword and search the whole website.  

Popular iPod Accessories

Protect Your Investment
Now that you own your very cool and hip Apple ipod, you need to protect it. Apple does not make any ipod cases or ipod skins, so third party companies jumped in to create ipod accessories.

One such ipod accessory invention is the iskin. The iskin was created to for all around surface protection of your ipod. The iskin eVo2 4G is made of 100% durable high-grade silicone that is soft and cool to the touch and gives an anti-slip grip.
The iskin eVo2 4G also comes with a rotating, rugged belt clip. The eVo2 features cut outs for access to all of your ipod jacks, buttons, scroll wheel and dock port. The iskin eVo2 comes in a variety of fashionably cool colors that include glow-in-the-dark colors.

iPod Photo News

The newly released ToughSkins by Speck are out. They offer some serious protection with rugged looks. They fit all iPod 4G models including all iPod Photos.

The eXoflp 4G 40GB does fit the iPod Photo. With the eXo Flip case you get access on the bottom to sit your iPod on your dock without removing the skin. This is a big deal if you use your dock regularly.
We have skins specifically made for the ipod photo model from lajo designs and they are the eXo3 model. They come super-thin 0.7mm thick, have a super-thin covered scroll wheel and are iTrip compatible. This model does not come with the option to add a belt clip. I am sure they are in the process of making one soon. The best part is you can get skin-tight protection for only 12.95. You can buy several colors at that price. We carry these colors: Asphalt (solid black), Blush (flourescent pink), Frost (semi-transparent white), Glow Bug-yell/grn (glow in the dark), Ice (transparent), Martian-lime green (glow in the dark), Skylite (glow in the dark), Snow (white), sonx (blue), and Electra-Blue (glow in the dark). Get one today, or three!

eXo 4G Skins come cheap only $19.95.

Get your hands on the Lajo eXo 4G iskn silicone skin for your 4G iPod or U2 iPod. Right now we are only carrying the most popular colors in-house: Asphalt (Black), Snow (white), Blush (Pink) and Ice (transparent). These models are high quality 2.0 mm thick silicone, are iTrip compatible, have an open scroll wheel, vent holes and easy access to hold button and sync port. Pick up an Exo 4G now at a great price.

Our most popular selling products

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - ARTIC

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - SONIC

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - SONIC

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - CARBON

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - GHOST GLO

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - WASABI GLO

iskin eVo2 - 4G iPod Case - ARTIC

ipod armband

Lajo eXo - 4G 20GB iPod skin - Asphalt

Lajo eXo - 4G 20GB iPod skin - Snow

Lajo eXo3 - iPod photo skins - A variety of colors

Do you have an older ipod? An original ipod, a mini ipod or a G3?

We carry all of the latest skins and cases from iskin and speck. The iskin evo comes in many different colors as well as glow-in-the-dark. Specks Skintight ipod skins are also made for all model ipods and you can put your ipod in the dock without removing the skin.

Do you need an ipod case that is more elegant?

Marware offers the CEO Classic - leather ipod cases with interchangeable clip options including belt clips, bike and car holders. Or maybe your ipod case needs to look a little more fashionable. Try a Mini Sportsuit Safari case in an array of faux fur patterns and colors like faux Leopard skin, zebra polar bear and flamingo. Or maybe you want an ipod case made of neoprene. The Sportsuit Sleeve comes in many color options plus they are available for all ipod models.


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